Traveler’s Throne

Art | 2020 
'Traveler's Throne,' is an installation art concept that focuses on the species Ravenala madagascariensis, aka Traveler's Palm: a plant known for harboring water and serving as a crude compass for travelers due to its fan tending to grow on an East-West axis.

Here, Studio Hai expands on this usefulness by playfully adding a seating element - and, in the process, adding a waft of regality to this already storied species.

We imagine this in work in botanical gardens worldwide - welcoming guests to the beautiful majesty of plants and all they have to share.

Full disclosure: we 100% designed this thinking it would look incredible in a music video ☺️ 

White Quartz | Aluminum | Paint | Ravenala madagascariensis | Nephrolepis exaltata