Studio Hai is an art and design practice dedicated to enhancing the celebrity of nature within our daily lives. Via objects, experiences, and environments, they conjure visions of what people intrinsically yearn for: a more connected, inspired, and eco-centric world.

Their body of work successfully blends nature and the built environment to create a new wave of imaginative, immersive, and inclusive experiences; revealing to the world that nature is as much a part of our cultural heritage as language, art, and history.

Founded in 2020 by Andrew Furmanski, the studio currently practices between New York and Shanghai. Their work has been featured, amongst others, in Dezeen, Label Magazine, and Designboom. In 2018, Andrew Furmanski’s architectural canopy in Qingdao, China, titled ‘Emergence’, was short-listed for the Best Use of Metal Award by World Architecture News.

Andrew Furmanski’s work as a Designer for artist led projects has been installed all over the world. His most notable collaborations with artists include Lawrence Argent’s ‘Beyond Reflection’ in Shenzhen, Charles Petillon’s ‘Cloud’ in Beijing and Florentijn Hofman’s ‘Selfie Panda’ in Chengdu.  

Email: sayhai@studiohai.com
Instagram: @haistudiohai

Unless otherwise noted, all images, designs, and objects are the intellectual property of Andrew Furmanski of Studio Hai.

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