Oil Palm Pedestal

Art | 2020
Oil Palm Pedestal is the first concept in a developing series of works that examines the impact of the oil palm industry on the environment, the wealth it has created, the destruction it has caused, and the industry's overall cultural influence in our daily lives. 

Classical forms and a rigid visual hierarchy achieve a formal design methodology that is similar, if not identical, in approach to the classic civic plaza design and art installations of Western civilization.

However, instead of classical references towards humanity's conquest of nature, the work's focus reverses that: a palm atop a Corinthian column, celebrating our complicated relationship with this plant and all that it has given and all that we have taken.

Quartz | Nephrolepis exaltata | Aluminum | Paint

*Upon realization of this series of work, proceeds will go towards reforestation and education efforts surrounding the impact of the palm oil industry on our environment.