Design | 2017
Working with UAP, Andrew Furmanski led the design, fabrication, and installation of Emergence: an arching, brass entry canopy for a landmark civic development in Qingdao, China.

Starting with the bones of the work: the painted Q235B steel structure is an accomplishment of engineering. Measuring just 0.6x1M at the base, the canopy expands to an 8x19M soffit, revealing dramatic arches and generous architectural space. Standing at over 14M tall, the canopy emerges from the ground plane and soars above pedestrians, Andrew honored the vision of the client by successfully reflecting the soaring vision of the development. In total, over 850 brass panels are held in place by a clever stud and bracket substructure. And at night, the canopy’s surface, perforated by internal lighting, creates the illusion of shimmering lights on the nearby surface of the surrounding coast.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Metal in Architecture Award from World Architecture News

Q235B Steel | Brass Panel | LED, Glass | Granite

Corinth’s Garden

Design | 2020
In Vitruvius’s De Architectura, a story is told of a recently deceased young maiden from Corinth. She was buried at the base of an Acanthus tree, a basket of her prized possessions set at the roots. In Spring, the tree’s wandering vines awoke, growing up through the fibers of the young maiden’s basket; leaves and stalks unfurled, extending to form delicate volutes. This natural curiosity caught the eye of a passing sculptor named Callimachus, who was so inspired by this chance encounter, that he started incorporating an inspired design onto column capitals - creating the Corinthian column.

Regardless of the veracity of Vitruvius’s story, the lasting popularity of the Corinthian column is undeniable. Its verdant glory has crowned the columns of the Roman Pantheon to the United States capitol, illustrating notions of strength of fortitude for millenia. But what of the maiden? Or the artist and their concept?

In ‘Corinth’s Garden’, the design team puts the magic back into Callimachus’ vision by removing the Corinthian column from the grips of Western civilization’s most storied institutions and instead position them graciously back within nature.

Twelve columns, arranged into an open-air Roman pavilion, are each topped with a billowy Maidenhair Fern. At the center, a circular seating area and planter adorned with Thistle and Sedum offers a moment of respite for visitors to ponder the peculiarities of nature and the magic of the garden.

Endura-Stone™ Column | Adiantum aleuticumEchinops ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’ | Eryngium giganteum | Sedum telephium ‘Matrona’ | Paint

The Jimador’s Garden

Design | 2020
The Jimador’s Garden is a concept based on pure escapism. Realized at the end of a long winter in New York City, this garden transported us to a warmer place where the sun shines, tequila flows, and music sounds.

The garden, tucked between towering Palms and Yuccas, is envisioned for a warmer, arid climate. The focal centerpiece, a modern, poppy sculpture within the Spanish 'colonial-esque' water feature, playfully celebrates the Agave plant while adding a touch of formalism to the design, thus creating a bold contrast between the formal architecture, contemporary art, and expressive, sculptural plants of the region. 

White Quartz | Agave tequilana | Yucca brevifolia | Washingtonia filifera | Aluminum | Paint

Squiggly Bench

Design | 2020
'Squiggly bench' is a functional art object that welcomes adults and children alike to gather, sit, play, and perhaps most importantly, amuses and delights.

The undulating horizontally stacked forms and glossy paint finish are inherently stable - inviting play and interaction while maintaining a squiggly, scuff-free body.

Appropriate for outdoor institutional or civic implementation, the squiggly bench is sure to add a bit of humor and delight to anyone's day.

Please contact Studio Hai for pricing inquiries.

Aluminum | Paint

BFF Bench

Design | 2020
Best. Friends. Forever! This modular bench works remarkably well on it’s own. However, when coupled, it just feels right -
ya know.

The design, created and tweaked for maximum versatility, is easily used in open space or around an existing object. Thus, adding communal gathering spaces to any environment.

A functional art object, Studio Hai’s 'BFF bench', is fit for any project looking to add some ‘joie de vivre’ contemporary flair.

Please contact Studio Hai for pricing inquiries.

Aluminum | Paint | Planting